10 Brunch Trends to Watch in 2024

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clear drinking glass on white ceramic plate
clear drinking glass on white ceramic plate

As we move further into 2024, the world of brunch continues to evolve, bringing fresh and exciting trends to the table. Here are ten brunch trends to watch this year that are redefining the way we enjoy our favorite mid-morning meal.

1. Plant-Based Brunch Menus

The plant-based movement is in full swing, and brunch menus are no exception. Expect to see more restaurants offering vegan and vegetarian options that go beyond the standard avocado toast. Think jackfruit "pulled pork" sandwiches, tofu scrambles, and plant-based "eggs" made from mung beans or chickpeas.

2. Sustainable Sourcing

With growing awareness of environmental issues, sustainable sourcing is becoming a key trend. Brunch spots are increasingly prioritizing local, organic, and ethically sourced ingredients. From farm-to-table eggs to sustainably caught seafood, diners are looking for meals that are both delicious and eco-friendly.

3. Fusion Flavors

Fusion cuisine continues to make waves, and brunch is the perfect platform for creative culinary blends. Look out for dishes that combine flavors from different cultures, such as Korean-inspired kimchi pancakes, Mexican-Japanese sushi burritos, and Indian-style breakfast tacos. These innovative combinations are sure to tantalize taste buds.

4. Interactive Brunch Experiences

Brunch is becoming more than just a meal—it's an experience. Restaurants are offering interactive elements such as build-your-own bloody mary bars, DIY mimosa stations, and customizable pancake and waffle bars. These hands-on options allow diners to get creative and personalize their brunch.

5. Health-Conscious Choices

Health-conscious dining is here to stay. Expect to see more brunch menus featuring nutrient-dense ingredients and superfoods. Think smoothie bowls loaded with fresh fruits, nuts, and seeds, quinoa breakfast bowls, and green juices packed with vitamins. These options cater to those seeking a balanced and nourishing meal.

6. Global Inspirations

As travel becomes more accessible, global culinary inspirations are influencing brunch menus. Dishes from around the world are making their way into brunch offerings, including Middle Eastern shakshuka, Japanese tamago-yaki (rolled omelette), and Brazilian pão de queijo (cheese bread). These international flavors bring a worldly flair to traditional brunch fare.

7. Elevated Classics

Classic brunch dishes are getting gourmet makeovers. Look for elevated versions of familiar favorites like truffle-infused scrambled eggs, lobster Benedict, and croissant French toast with artisan syrups. These luxurious twists on traditional dishes add a touch of sophistication to the brunch experience.

8. Brunch Cocktails with a Twist

Brunch cocktails are becoming more inventive and sophisticated. Bartenders are experimenting with unique ingredients and presentation styles. Expect to see craft cocktails featuring herbs, spices, and exotic fruits, as well as visually stunning drinks served in novel glassware. The focus is on creating memorable and Instagram-worthy beverages.

9. Hybrid Brunch Desserts

The line between brunch and dessert is blurring with the rise of hybrid brunch desserts. Think donut-waffle hybrids (doughffles), croissant-muffin combinations (cruffins), and pancake-cookie creations (pookies). These indulgent treats offer a delightful way to end a brunch meal on a sweet note.

10. Technology-Enhanced Dining

Technology is playing a larger role in the dining experience. From QR code menus and mobile ordering to interactive table tablets, technology is enhancing convenience and engagement for brunch-goers. Some restaurants are even incorporating augmented reality (AR) elements to create immersive dining experiences.


Brunch in 2024 is all about innovation, sustainability, and personalization. These trends reflect the evolving tastes and values of diners, who are looking for unique, health-conscious, and environmentally friendly options. Whether you're a brunch enthusiast or a restaurateur, keeping an eye on these trends will ensure your brunch experience is ahead of the curve and truly memorable.